The Gest House Story

It was once Roselyne and Yves, happy parents Gwenaelle. Today, she is married to Christopher.

In 2008, Roselyne marks a house to “Les Valayans”, Apples Road. During the visit, she noticed a second home, also for sale.

And from there begins this beautiful story : Yves, Roselyne, Gwenaelle and Christopher buy all this property.

But the second house was occupied by tenants, so it was not until the end of the lease to move in!

In May 2009, after some work, Gwenaelle, Christopher and their daughter Lena, 2 years old, temporarily move in the little house.

The january 1st, 2010, Emmy joined for a few days in this dwelling. But the tenants are gone, it is time for the whole family to include their new home.

But not so easy for the little girls who ask : ” What is our home ? Why don’t we sleep in our room ? ”

When Lena looks the bed in the house and said : “this is the bed mom and dad “, we had to find a good explanation for she understands that everyone now

lives in the new house.

So we said :

” Your house is there and here is the guest house “.