Spirou Park Monteux

Gaston Lagaffe - M'enfin
Gaston Lagaffe






Lucky Luke



Les Dalton


Le Comte de Champignac

Famille des Marsipulamis
Famille Marsupilami

The character of Spirou is the icon of the Park and the attractions are declined around the 53 albums, Spirou & Fantasio which were published.
Everything is in the albums. The situations used to support the attractions are directly inspired by the vignettes created by the various authors of Spirou and Fantasio which  allow a total immersion in a world of comics.

The Spirou Park is above all fun and promote exchanges between generations. To illustrate these exchanges, we can imagine grandparents experimenting with the attractions of Spirou Park with their grandchildren. They will able to explain to them the vision and the perception that they had had at their time, on the occasion of the reading of the albums of which the thematization is inspired.


La Maison des Invités is located 10 minutes by car from Spirou Park